We create tailor-made concepts and
inspiring strategies to develop small
and big brands in a contemporary way.
We can support you in the
following areas:

Brand -

Brand Identity

At the beginning of everything is the definition of the brand’s identity.

Today, this encompasses far more than the combination of personality and distinctive characteristics.

Strong brands understand their purpose and provide a clear promise that reaches beyond the mere product context.

Brand -

Brand Experience

What used to be communication, is today the brand experience- the sum of all encounters between person and brand.

To orchestrate these in a coherent and positive way across the diversity of multiple channels is the main task of brand leadership - to ensure lasting preference.

We offer you
the following services:


Tailored strategies
for sustainable brand success

Brand Consulting

  • Brand positioning
    and core brand idea
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand extension
  • Targeting strategy

Research &

Understanding brand experience in the
context of target audience, competition and
socio-cultural trends

Research & Intelligence

  • Research support and consulting
  • Insight generation
  • Trend monitoring
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market segmentation

Comms &

Ideas and communicative content
that provide meaning and inspire

Comms & Content

  • Development and implementation
    of communication and
    content strategies


Fast and efficient teamwork


Planning, moderation
and evaluation of

  • Strategy workshops
  • Creative workshops
  • Innovation workshops
  • Naming workshops
How we work
We develop comprehensive strategies as well as detailed solutions for
your communication, or support you with consultancy and advice.
How we work for you, is defined by you and the requirements of your project.


Our engagement is focused on
specific tasks or areas,
e.g. in the form of workshops,
targeting strategies or trend


We accompany strategic
processes, e.g. through
regular coaching
sessions or as a sparring partner
for your team on site.


We develop complete strategic
solutions; from brand positioning to
brand architectures to
comprehensive communication strategies.

What we believe in
We believe brands should aspire to achieve meaning
through both a personal and social context.
We believe that actions speak louder than words, and that today more than ever,
it is the time for brands to step up and help make the world a better place.
We believe that even small brands
can make big differences.

Committed to
small and big brands

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